Rogers Pallet Company

Service Information

We offer a wide array of services to our valued customers:

Kiln• Export Pallets (CP Pallets):
Rogers Pallet Company offers stamping and full documentation for all customers over seas or across the borders. Our lumber is prepared for export or domestic markets per customer needs.

• Heat Treat pallets:
We are certified to heat treat pallets complying with ISPM 15 for export shipments.

• Pesticide Treated Pallets:
We treat pallets with pesticide as required for any food grade shipments.

• Color-coding:
Color-coding of pallets is available for many different sizes. As well as color coding we can stencil pallet or company names on the side.

• 24-hour Emergency Service:
We provide 24-hour a day, 7 days per week emergency delivery service for our customers.

Mixed Truck Load• Just in time delivery (JIT):
We keep a large supply of pallets and precut parts to allow us to have a timely response and allow customers to minimize their inventories.

• We own our own fleet of trucks:
Owning our own trucks allows us to guarantee timely deliveries and ship partial truck loads for a reasonable price.

• Mixed truck loads:
We know that you don’t always need an entire truck load of the same pallet so we can mix truck loads.

• Rail siding:
Having a rail siding allowing us to ship any where.

We don't want to be the biggest … just the best!


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