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Pallet Information

Rogers Pallet Company is capable of supplying all of your pallet needs no matter how large or small. Specializing in custom wood products using plywood, hardwood or pine, we manufacture standard pallets, block pallets, skids, crates, caps, top frames, and wooden dunnage. We are also certified to do even more specialized jobs such as CP pallets and Heat Treating pallets for export. Large orders are processed on our automated Viking Turbo nailing machine. Small orders and rush orders are usually built by hand.

Single Face
Used for shipping or warehousing where stacking is not required. An economical pallet.

Double Face Reversible
Used with forklift trucks only.

Double Face Non-Reversible
Used for forklift and hand trucks. Chamfered edges allow for easy hand truck entry. A general purpose pallet.

Four Way Notched Stringer
Provides 4-way entry by forklift trucks and 2-way entry by hand trucks. The most versatile of all pallets.

Single Wing
Used with forklift trucks or straddle type equipment.

Double Wing
Can be used with slings or fork trucks. A heavy duty cargo pallet.

We don't want to be the biggest just the best!


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